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Kojiterie is a shop for vegan delicatessen, most notably for vegan cheese alternative made out of cashews and almonds. We mainly offer different kinds of soft cheese alternatives - as our popular Cashewbert or our blue "cheese" Bluebert.

In addition to that, we offer Cashew Fresh in glasses and as pieces and two different kinds of Almond Cream in our regular product line.

All of our products are fermented and hand-made in our own production kitchen.

We additionally provide everything you need to make your own vegan cheese at home on Cashewbert.

For people who are new to cheesemaking we have a starter kit with all the materials and cultures you will need to start right away. It is also possible to learn vegan cheesemaking from and with us - we give workshops in our shop regularly.

Our Cashewbert Original is a delicate and creamy Camembert, with a range of complex flavours

Our Bluebert is a rich and aromatic blue "cheese", that you can use for cooking as well.

The Cashew Fresh is a creamy and nutty cheese alternative, that works great for salads and sandwiches.

 The Almond Cream is a flavourful and creamy almond spread, that can be used in sweet and savoury recipes.

Our Cashewbert Starter Kit to make camembert and blue cheese at home